Technology Investment Roadmap to set objective priorities and pathway, says Clean Energy Council


The Clean Energy Council says that the technology investment roadmap, released by the Federal Government today, can play a valuable role in setting out objective priorities and a clear pathway for clean energy technology development in Australia.


This technology investment roadmap must be developed objectively and reflect the commercial reality and track record of different energy technologies. A technology investment roadmap can fill an important void in the energy policy landscape. However, it is no substitute for a comprehensive energy transition strategy, including target and policy, to lead the transition to clean energy.

Clean Energy Council Chief Executive Kane Thornton said the roadmap could be a stepping stone to returning investor confidence in the clean energy industry.


“We welcome the role of Australia’s Chief Scientist Alan Finkel AO in bringing a high level of integrity and objectivity to this often-politicised process of determining technology priorities. Australia’s energy issues must be prioritised above partisan politics to address fluctuating investor confidence.”

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“The roadmap already recognises the enormous role for renewable energy and energy storage, and it is critical in shining a light on the barriers and solutions to continue to accelerate their development and deployment in Australia. This includes addressing the complex and significant grid issues that are impacting investment in the sector,” said Mr Thornton.

Government support is essential to maintaining innovation in clean energy technology in Australia. It will be increasingly important given the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is expecting to exhaust its funding in coming months and scheduled to conclude operations in 2022.

The technology investment roadmap is a reminder of the critical importance of ARENA in supporting energy technology and hope it acts as a catalyst for the Federal Government to retain ARENA past the proposed dissolution date.

Mr. Thornton said “We welcome the potential of this roadmap and along with our members, look forward to working with the Government and Chief Scientist Alan Finkel on how it can aid our industry”.

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