Sunseap Taiwan Installs a New Solar Rooftop for a Rubber Tyre Recycling Company


The Sunseap Taiwan team has recently commissioned a new solar rooftop project for a rubber tyre recycling company in Pingtung, Taiwan! This marks the first solar PV system built for a rubber tyre recycling company looking to gosolar. We are happy to contribute efforts to sustainability in the region.


The global leader in waste tire pyrolysis technology—Huantuo Technology is dedicated to the development of recycling economy of waste tires and rubber. The expansion in the field of green energy has never stopped. In July of this year, the solar field developed in cooperation with Taiwan PGE Pacific Green Energy and Singapore Xingsheng Group also began to generate electricity.


Ringtop Technology is the world’s leading company in the successful commercial operation of waste tire disposal. Every year, 1/4 of the waste tires produced in Taiwan are handled by Ringtop Technology. Using cracking technology to decompose steel wire, cracked oil and carbon black, and then supply them back to internationally renowned tire factories, wetsuit factories and paint factories, etc., so as to achieve the concept of cradle to cradle for the thorough practice of circular economy.

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In 2019, Taiwan PGE Pacific Green Energy and Singapore Star Group jointly established Taixing Green Energy Co., Ltd. This time, Taixing Green Energy and Huantuo Technology have joined forces to jointly develop Huantuo Technology’s factory roof in Fangliao, Pingtung. It has built a solar field with a capacity of 950.4kW and installed nearly 3,000 solar panels, making it of no economic value. The roof of the factory building plays its role.


It is estimated that Huantuo’s solar power plant can generate 1,214,136 kilowatt-hours of electricity each year, which can be used by 347 households in Taiwan and reduce 673 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) for the earth each year.

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