Growatt showcased new X generation inverters and unveiled 1500V inverter at SNEC 2020


The solar industry has managed to hold the SNEC exhibition in China. At the trade show, Growatt showcased a wide range of PV solutions for residential, commercial, storage and off-grid solar, and also unveiled the powerful 1500V string inverter at the event, attracting a large number of people from the industry.


“This year we launch full product line of the X generation inverters, and we are very pleased to exhibit these advanced and appealing inverters at SNEC,” said Lisa Zhang, Growatt marketing director. “The X generation inverters are smaller, lighter, smarter and safer. Its power capacity ranges from 750W to 253kW, catering for residential, commercial and ground-mounted solar.”


Growatt also unveiled the powerful 1500V string inverter for large scale solar plants at the event. “The MAX 1500V inverter aims to lower LCOE and achieve higher yields for clients. It’s compatible with bifacial and high power modules, and its smart functions such as smart I-V diagnosis will make O&M easier and reduce the costs,” Zhang pointed out.


GroHome, Growatt’s smart home solution was on display as well, painting the picture for PV home of the future. “The GroHome solution provides homeowners a combination of intelligent solar energy generation with energy efficiency. It reduces the household’s overall energy consumption while increasing self-consumption of PV power,” Zhang introduced.


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