Post-2025 Market Design Directions Paper Brings Clean Energy Investment Confidence To The Fore

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The Clean Energy Council supports moves by the Energy Security Board (ESB) to defer plans for transmission access reforms, more commonly referred to as the coordination of generation and transmission investment – COGATI – initiative.


COGATI will do very little to improve the coordination of generation and transmission while increasing risk, complexity and cost to the market.


Instead, in its Post-2025 Market Design Directions Paper, the ESB has flagged that it will focus on actioning the Integrated System Plan (ISP), developing renewable energy zone (REZ) frameworks and improving congestion information for the market. The Clean Energy Council welcomes the release of the ESB REZ Stage 2 consultation paper that outlines a regulated REZ development model for ISP REZs that may also provide useful elements for government and commercial REZs.


The Clean Energy Council is also pleased that the ESB is progressing the essential system services work through several rule change processes and the continued assessment of an ageing thermal generation retirement strategy.

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The Clean Energy Council reiterates that it is critical to encourage the much-needed investment in new clean energy generation and storage and the essential system services required to provide clean, reliable and low-cost power.

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