Soloforce Power Bank Reviews – Does It Work or Cheap Solar Device?


SoloForce Solar Power Bank is a portable charger on the go with a high powered Lithium-ion Battery that’s shockproof and waterproof device with a built-in Qi wireless charging pad that is powered the sun, but is it worth it or just another cheap solar battery power bank?


The Soloforce Power Bank is a solar-powered charging station that allows users to revive their smartphone and computer’s battery life anywhere. It offers both wired and wireless charging, and the device is completely waterproof.


What is the Soloforce Power Bank?


Everyone’s had a moment that their battery finally runs out when they need it the most. Whether they’re on the side of the road and need their card towed, or they are simply trying to call a loved one, having a 0% battery won’t help and becomes a frustrating experience. While it may help keep an extra battery on hand, most cell phones have built-in batteries that cannot be removed. The only option is to charge them or be left with a useless phone with a dead battery.

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Users that don’t mind a little sunlight may find that the Soloforce Power Bank will meet their needs. The power bank allows users to connect their USB devices from anywhere, giving them both portability and essential power. Even though the device is small, it can boost or completely recharge any smartphone or computer battery. Keeping this device with the user prevents them from ever having a dead battery situation when they need it most.

It is strong enough to simultaneously power up to four devices, whether those are PC, Mac, Android, or Apple iOS devices.

How Does the Soloforce Power Bank Work?

Much of the power comes from the 20,000 mAh Lithium-ion Battery to offer both wireless and wired support. According to the creators, the battery can store enough energy to recharge a phone from zero percent to no less than seven times. However, the impressive feature of the Soloforce Power Bank is the way that it gathers its power.

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The Soloforce Power Bank thrives on solar energy. It gathers all of the energy to recharge these phones from sunlight exposure, though it can also be plugged in if necessary. In fact, because of the multiple outputs, one person and several of their friends can recharge their phones simultaneously.

To charge any phone, place it on the pad of the power bank. Then, it can simply remain there until the battery is fully charged. Consumers that have a charging cable for their phone can plug them in as well. There are three USB ports to establish a wired connection.

Buying the Soloforce Power Bank

The Soloforce Power Bank is an incredibly useful piece of technology to have on hand at all times. Though there is no information on how many devices can be powered simultaneously, the creators offer multiple packages with varying power banks’ quantities to ensure that any customer is prepared.

Users can save more money by purchasing more power banks at the same time. Typically, one Soloforce Power Bank costs $107.68. By ordering right now, users already saved 35% to begin with. The packages include:

  • $69.99 for one Soloforce Power Bank
  • $139.99 for two Soloforce Power Banks
  • $156.99 for three Soloforce Power Banks
  • $209.99 for four Soloforce Power Banks
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If the solar power bank does not charge devices as the user expected or does not work in any way, they can exchange them with the warranty or return it for a full refund within 30 days.

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