Enerman’s Solar PV Monitoring Platform ETi-SOL® 6.0


    Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection. ~Mark Twain


    That’s what EnerMAN’S development team is striving to do as we deploy more of ETi-SOL® to monitor Solar PV plants. With ETi-SOL® 5.0, we achieved a 1GW monitoring milestone. Based on all the learnings and customer requests, we have made several improvements in the platform & ETi-SOL® 6.0 is now ready for release.


    While the look & feel of base ETi-SOL® remains the same – traditional Blue Dark mode with optional light mode switching, there are some major changes in the frontend for users to download reports and perform data analysis. 

    Plant Overview Page shows the Key performance indicators of the PV Plant
    Home Page indicates the health of all PV assets in one screen

    Here are some of the major changes explained:

    Data comparison across Plants/sites:

    Customers with PV assets across geographic location are always interested in comparison of generation and insolation data. They want to find out if there is a regional impact on plant performance. ETI-SOL® 6.0 analytics tab enables user to choose the parameters to be compared across the plants in couple of clicks.

    Compare Generations & other parameters across Plants

    Given that the main input to a PV system is sunlight (irradiance) which often varies , it is difficult to measure the absolute value & determine the performance of an equipment. Hence it is always good to compare data like generation , system losses and make your inference. Comparison of data of equipments like Inverter, Transformer, Combiner boxes within the plant itself can reveal lot of information on the efficiency of the plants. You can also have a plant modelled based on PV Syst simulation and compare the ‘Live’ plant with the standard model.

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    Report module: The report module has also got a major facelift. The user can configure his report module & save it as a template after which with few clicks, one can download Plant level, Block level or Device level reports. ETi-SOL® 6.0 continues to support ‘Daily Generation Report in your Inbox’ feature relieving the load of O&M engineer to download & email DGRs. The DGRs can be in any customer specific format.

    Reports Module enables you to choose the parameters you would like to see in your daily / monthly/ annual reports

    Downloaded files are not just CSV files; It can be customized as per client template

    Customized DGRs can be pushed as an email, you need not wait for your OMS engineer to compile & email.

    Plant PoA Detection Logic for multi-WMS/ irradiance sensor: 

    Larger PV plants >15MW usually are equipped with multiple irradiance sensors. Most SCADA will use one of the sensors to determine the plant PR and if that sensor fails, a manual computation is done using the other sensor. ETi-SOL® 6.0 has a feature where you can take advantage of the multiple sensors for PoA calculation. You can either use it in Secondary standby mode or Auto averaging mode. In Secondary standby mode, if there are any packets missing from the primary sensor, it ill be filled in by the secondary irradiance sensor. If the primary sensor is completely down, the secondary sensor’s data shall be used for plant insolation calculations.

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    Introducing ETi-SOL® Edge:

    One of the cons of IOT/Cloud based solutions is that we need to pay annual charges to the server hosted in cloud. This means ETi-SOL® users will pay a nominal annual charge to view their plant data. 

    Even though the charges are as low as INR500 per month, few customers do not want to pay any annual charges. EnerMAN has introduced ETi-SOL® Edge which is a local monitoring solution for clients who want to invest one time to the system. Customer can still view the local data remotely using ‘Static IP” or using third party tools like Anydesk.

    Continual improvement is the motto of EnerMAN and there will be new versions being released very frequently. Our goal is to help customer save every unit of electricity generated! For more information regarding our solutions email or login to

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