Announcing Winners Of Solar Project Engineering Week India 2021, Excellence In Solar Project Engineering & Design


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Shining the spotlight on some of the top Solar Project Engineering Innovations, Design Innovations, Smart Technologies, Teams & Leaders in the Indian Solar Sector, that have taken the responsibility of technology advancement and sector development; a virtual gala award ceremony ‘Solar Project Engineering Week India 2021 Awards’ was held on 27th May at 4.30 pm (IST).


The award ceremony was organized to recognize and celebrate the success and achievements of the companies and their teams that have navigated through the complex transitions in these challenging times towards sustainable growth of their companies as well as the Indian Solar Sector as a whole.

The ceremony was an entertaining event celebrated with much zeal and excitement. The unveiling of winners was followed by one to one rapid fire chats, fun games and enticing conversations.

The Proud Winners of the Solar Project Engineering Week India 2021 Awards are:

Solar Energy Project Engineering Awards:

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Outstanding Project Performance Engineering – Almiya Future Energies Pvt. Ltd.

Project Performance Engineering & Design Innovation – R & D Solar Enterprise

Project Performance Engineering & Design Innovation – Ilios Power Private Limited

High Yield Return Engineering Innovation –   Shimato Enterprises Private Limited

Solar Project Design Innovation – ReNew Power

Best Project EHS Management Initiatives – Engie Solar

Engineering Initiative (Pandemic Response) – ReNew Power

Best Project Site Management Initiatives – Engie Solar

Solar Engineer’s Choice Quality Awards:

Product Technology Innovation – Agami Engineering Consultancy LLP

Smart Engineering Solution Provider – Ilios Power Private Limited

Smart Engineering Solution Provider – Shimato Enterprises Private Limited

Solar Project Engineering Consultancy – SunPower & Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Solar Project Design Consultancy – Varistor Solar

Solar Project Leadership & Team Awards

Solar Project Engineering Team of the Year – Engie Solar

Solar Project Engineering Head of the Year – Kiran Kumar, Engineering Manager, Engie Solar

Solar Project Design Team of the Year – ReNew Power

To know more about the ‘Solar Project Engineering Week India 2021 Awards Ceremony’ visit:https://solarquarter.com/studio/

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