Worthen Industries Launches Endurans™ Solar Following The Acquisition Of DSM Advanced Solar


Worthen Industries has officially welcomed DSM Advanced Solar aboard, having successfully completed its acquisition announced on 11 March this year. 


As a result, Endurans™ Solar has been born: a new global entity stretching across three continents, combining the long-established technological, co-extrusion and production know-how of Worthen Industries with the solar materials expertise and polymer science heritage of DSM.

Endurans™ Solar now becomes the market leader in co-extruded backsheets – with a portfolio that includes the fully recyclable Endurans™ backsheet (formerly known as DSM Endurance backsheet, and including the acclaimed, all-purpose D15 model launched last year); and the market-leading Endurans™ conductive backsheet, which delivers the performance required for the fast-growing market in back-contact PV modules.   


This new business will now focus on continued investment in new solar innovations that meet the evolving commercial needs of its customers; while also delivering on Worthen Industries’ long-standing commitment to a more sustainable world.


“We are hugely excited to begin this new chapter in our collective history, “said President of Endurans™ Solar, Nathan Arbitman, an industry veteran who previously served as Global Business Manager and Strategy & Innovation Director for DSM Advanced Solar. “By combining the strengths and capabilities of these two teams we are now extremely well-equipped for faster, more sustainable growth.”

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Endurans™ Solar has a truly global footprint with sales, development and production teams in China, India, Belgium, Netherlands and the USA – and an established international customer base. The new company remains fully committed to serving all existing DSM Advanced Solar customers.

The name Endurans™ was chosen for specific reasons. Firstly, it relates strongly to ‘Endurance,’ the well-established product name used for DSM’s co-extruded, sustainable backsheets. But the name also speaks directly to the properties of the portfolio and the new company itself. Both are built to last, and here to stay – for customers and the long-term benefit of the planet. 

“We are extremely proud to officially welcome this strong and knowledgeable team and its game-changing solar technologies to Worthen Industries,” said Eric Worthen, President Worthen Industries. “We are equally proud to be stepping up our sustainability efforts. The future is in our hands, and Endurans™ Solar has a crucial role to play inenabling the global PV industry to accelerate the world’s transition to clean energy and a circular economy.”

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