Turkey Launches 1.5 GW Of Solar PV Tender

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In recent news, under the national renewable energy program Yeka (Yenilenebilir Enerji Kaynak Alanları), Turkey launched 1.5 GW of solar tender.


The announcement was made by Turkey’s Ministry of Energy. This is the fifth in the Yeka series where a 10 to 30 MW capacity of around 76 large-scale solar PV projects will be selected.

While the last date for application is January 12, the ministry has set a maximum price limit of TRY0.40/kWh ($0.045).


Eren Engur, a board member of Turkish solar association, Günder, and president of its energy storage committee, said, “With this new announcement of YEKA-5, we can easily say that we’re on the right track of having a sustainable gigawatt PV market in Turkey with the support of the government.”


“Furthermore, we are on the final phases of the inclusion of energy storage capacity in the upcoming YEKA tenders,” he added.

The third tender was finalized in May of 1 GW capacity and projects ranging from 10 to 20 MW were selected.

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In mid-July, the fourth tender was set up but the results are still awaiting.

The highest price in the process was TRY32.0/kWh ($0.037) and the lowest price was TRY0.182/kWh ($0.021).


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