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Saudi Arabia Shortlists Bidders For 1.2 GW Solar Tender; SAR 55.626 Lowest Bid


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Saudi Arabia has announced the shortlisted bidders of the third round of its National Renewable Energy Program (NREP) tender, which includes four solar plants totaling 1.2 GW. The four solar plants are Wadi Al Dawasir, Layla, Ar Rass and Saad.

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The shortlisted developers are Jinko Power, Total Energies, ACWA Power, Alfanar, and a consortium formed by Masdar and EDF.

The NREP will allow bidding in two categories. The first one covers the 80-MW Layla and the 120-MW Wadi Al Dawasir solar projects, while the 300-MW Saad and the 700-MW Ar Rass schemes will be offered in the other category.

Each project will be developed in line with the country’s local content requirements.

The successful bidders will enter into a 25-year PPAs with the Saudi Power Procurement Company (SPPC).

The lowest bid proposed stands at SAR 55.626 (USD 14.83/EUR 12.78) per MWh. It was offered for the Saad project.

The shortlisted bidders for Wadi Al Dawasir project are Total Energies and ACWA Power with bid price (SAR/MWh) 70.01 and 98.38 respectively.

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For the Layla plant, the two pre-selected bidders are ACWA Power and Alfanar, which submitted a bid for price (SAR/MWh) 111.89 and 121.87.

ACWA Power and Jinko Power are the two shortlisted bidders for Ar Rass plant, for which they offered price (SAR/MWh) 56.23 and 57.62 respectively.

For the Saad solar plant, Jinko Power offered price (SAR/MWh) 55.63 and Masdar and EDF offered price of 68.53 (SAR/MWh)

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