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NTPC Tenders Carbon Standard Verification Of 610 MW Solar & Wind Projects


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The National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) requested proposals for the employment of consultants for the third verification of verified carbon standards (VCS) registered solar and wind power projects of cumulative capacity of 610 MW, from October 1, 2020, to December 31, 2021.


The deadline for submitting proposals is March 2, 2022, and for receiving inquiries from prospective bidders is February 25. Bids will be opened the next day. For this tender, bidders are not required to provide an earnest money deposit.

The VCS program is a global voluntary greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction initiative that includes over 1,775 accredited VCS projects that have reduced over 865 million tonnes of carbon and other GHG emissions. VCS programmes span a variety of industries, including renewable energy and forestry. 

Once a project has been validated under the VCS program, the project creators get tradeable GHG credits known as Verified Carbon Units (VCUs). Corporates can acquire VCUs on the open market to offset their emissions. This allocates funds to sustainable energy initiatives and technologies.

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The selected bidder must cover all NTPC support throughout the verification of 610 MW of solar and wind projects in the following states: Anantpur, Andhra Pradesh- 50 MW (Solar), Bhadla, Rajasthan- 260 MW (Solar), Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh- 250 MW (Solar), Rojmal, Gujarat- 50 MW (Wind).

The verification must be carried out in accordance with the guidelines, and principles established from time to time. Also, any lingering issue that may have an influence on the final verification should be disclosed and communicated to the engineer in charge by the consultants.

Following verification, the consultant shall submit a report detailing the confirmed number of VERs for the verification to the VCS board for the issuance of a verification certificate.

The consultant should analyse monitoring findings to ensure that the methodology for estimating GHG emissions reductions was appropriately implemented, and their documentation should be accurate and clear.

Bidders must have expertise in offering advisory services to verify renewable energy projects under the VCS or Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) programme in order to participate in the competitive bidding process. 

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Additionally, bidders’ average yearly turnover in the past three fiscal years as of the date of opening of techno-commercial bids cannot be less than Rs 833,000, and their net worth should be at least equal to their paid-up share capital in the previous fiscal year.

Furthermore, the applicant must have completed verification of at least one or more renewable energy projects under the VCS, CDM, or Global Carbon Council (GCC) programme during the previous seven years.

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