Trina Solar Launches New Universal Solution For Residential and Commercial Applications in Australia: Double-Glass Vertex S+ Module


Trina Solar is launching its Vertex S+ module in Australia, the first country in the world to unveil this higher power, higher efficiency module. “We chose Australia for the launch of Vertex S+ to reinforce our position as Australia’s number one solar module brand* and to capitalise on the tremendous growth in the commercial, industrial and residential solar market here,” says Trina Solar Asia Pacific
president Todd Li. Vertex S+ is designed specifically for residential rooftops as well as for commercial and industrial (C&I) rooftops.
Last year was a record year for solar module installations in Australia driven by the rooftop market for C&I and residential.


Todd says: “Australian households are turning to higher power, efficiency modules to meet their needs and because they want to help society mitigate climate change.” “Some also need more solar power so they can recharge an electric vehicle,” he adds.
Commercial and industrial (C&I) companies, meanwhile, are turning to rooftop solar to offset rising electricity prices, from the grid, and to play their part in ‘green initiatives to help tackle climate change, says Todd.

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The Vertex S+ is an upgrade of Trina Solar’s earlier model, Vertex S because it delivers even more power and efficiency. This new module’s power output is up to 425W with maximum efficiency of 21.9%. It provides power bins for optimal residential systems in Australia.


Vertex S+ is part of Trina Solar’s high-performance
Vertex module series that uses 210mm diameter wafers. 210 modules have become the new global industry standard partly because of their higher efficiency than modules that use smaller size wafers. “Trina Solar has a wide range of products to meet different applications, requirements and budgets,” says Todd.
“The Vertex S+ module we are launching today is ideally suited to Australia. It is the very first 425W module in Australia that comes with double-glass, rather than back-sheet.” “Double-glass is more durable, allowing the module to perform even in very hot or
very hot and humid environments,” he says.


The module’s durability explains why it comes with longer warranties: a 25-year product warranty and a 30-year power warranty.
Todd says: “Vertex S+ is the latest addition to Trina’s 210 module family, and is further testimony to Trina Solar’s innovation leadership. The cutting-edge 210 technology the platform combines several innovative technologies such as Trina’s exclusive N-type PACO Cell technology, 210mm diameter wafers, multi-busbar (MBB), non-destructive cutting and high-density packing.”

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Vertex S+ modules weigh 21.5kg, making their lightweight design ideal for Australian rooftops. “The module has been designed for easy-to-handle installation thanks in part to its lightweight and the fact it is compatible with existing mainstream mounting
systems, optimizers and inverters for residential and C&I applications.”
“Vertex S+ excels in key areas such as power, efficiency, size, weight, appearance, ease of installation, load, reliability and safety.”
“We anticipate that following today’s launch, we will further increase our lead in Australia as the country’s number one brand of solar module,” he adds.

According to data compiled by Sunwiz, in its 2021 Australian PV Panel MarketView report, Trina Solar was number one in market share. Sunwiz is an independent Australian market research company that specialises in data and analysis of the Australian solar market.

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