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BIRD Energy Announces Funding For U.S.-Israel Cooperation For Clean Energy


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BIRD Energy announced its next funding cycle for U.S.-Israel joint project proposals with a focus on Renewable Energy, Efficiency, and Technologies that reduce carbon emissions.


To be considered, a project proposal must include joint R&D cooperation between two companies or between a company and a university/research institution (one from the U.S. and one from Israel). The proposal should demonstrate significant commercial potential and the project outcome should lead to commercialization. 

Examples of research and development topics within the scope of this call are Solar and Wind Power, Advanced Vehicle Technologies and Alternative Fuels, Natural Gas and other associated technologies that reduce its climate impact, Smart Grid, Storage, Water-Energy Nexus, Advanced Manufacturing, AI for energy management or any other Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency technology.

New to this year’s Call for Proposals are technologies that scale-up carbon-free technologies and reduce carbon emissions. This is part of an effort by both the U.S. and Israeli governments to address the global climate emergency and grow the clean energy and carbon-free economy.

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The conditional grant is up to 50% of the combined project R&D budget, up to a maximum of $1 million per project.

The application process is web-based and requires prior discussion with BIRD Foundation staff. The deadline for submission of the Executive Summary is June 30, 2022. If approved, the deadline for full-scale proposals is August 16, 2022. Projects will be selected for funding in November 2022.

Limor Nakar-Vincent, Deputy Executive Director for Business Development and BIRD Energy said: “BIRD Energy, established in 2009 by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Israel Ministry of Energy jointly with the Israel Innovation Authority, supports initiatives that promote innovative technology in clean energy that combat climate change. The program provides funding for cooperation to advance sustainable and renewable sources of energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. BIRD can assist U.S. and Israeli companies and universities in their search for potential partners and support them in their proposal submissions.”

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BIRD Energy was launched in 2009 under the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007, which supports research and development that benefits both the United States and Israel. The BIRD Foundation administers BIRD Energy along with the general program that promotes and supports joint projects between U.S. and Israeli companies in a variety of technology sectors. To date, BIRD Energy has funded sixty joint US-Israel clean energy projects for a total investment of approximately $47.5 million and approximately $62 million in funds matched by the private sector to commercialize clean energy technologies.

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