Top Inverter Companies Of 2022 – SOFARSOLAR

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SOFARSOLAR Inverters First Obtaining BIS (String +Hybrid) and Completing Market Layout in India. SOFARSOLAR focuses on the Rooftop inverter, industrial and commercial inverter, 1500V inverter, energy storage inverter, battery and intelligent energy solution of PV storage integration with the theme of PV Storage Integration and Intelligent Future”. 


We are committed to ‘Build quality and Offer quality’. Focus on renewable energy has been gaining momentum across the world and India is gradually catching up in the race. As the global leader of energy storage inverters and batteries, SOFARSOLAR follows the market development trend and rapidly begins its layout in India’s energy storage market. 


SOFARSOLAR is focusing on building strong competitiveness in product and service development, which contributes to raising standards and helps SOFARSOLAR become a renowned inverter brand in the PV market. New versions of Inverters which are very compact in size make SOFARSOLAR different from others. SOFARSOLAR is positioned to play an important and leading role in the Indian solar industry. As a high–tech international corporation, SOFARSOLAR is equipped with the leading technology of grid-tied inverters. 

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Production capacity to 10GW annually. Our range of gird tied inverters include 1KW to 6KW in single and 3KW to 250KW in three phases, Support zero export solution. 3kW power storage inverters and 3-6kW hybrid inverters in Single Phase & 5-20kW hybrid inverters in Three Phase, Li-Ion Batteries.


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