Mhaisal Lift Irrigation Scheme in Maharashtra To Run On Solar Power


Solar energy will now power the Mhaisal Lift Irrigation scheme. This system lifts water from Krishna river and distributes it to agricultural and ingesting purposes within the rain-shadow districts of Sangli and Solapur.


The best way to supply water for irrigation and drinking is through lift irrigation. The Krishna Koyna Lift Irrigation Scheme in Maharashtra (KKLIS), which consists Mhaisal & Takari major Lift Irrigation Projects, supplies water to drought-prone areas in Sangli and Solapur.

Solar energy will be used to power the Mhaisal Lift Irrigation Scheme. The irrigation department selected the Mhaisal Irrigation Scheme on a pilot basis.


Gramin Bank will lend Rs 100 crore to the Mhaisal irrigation project.


Mhaisal Lift irrigation system annually requires approximately 90 MW of electricity. According to the department, summers are its peak season. Some sites have already been identified by the government for solar power installation. The process also evaporates a lot of the water that is being channelized. The department is looking into solar panels for the canal channels.

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Given the high irradiance of Maharashtra and the drought-prone areas in the state, Vidarbha, this success could open up the floodgates to powering irrigation infrastructure using renewable sources, especially solar.

Jayant Patil (the state irrigation minister) stated that if the scheme was run on solar energy, it would help save more than Rs 60 crore in energy costs. We are currently facing an influence shortage. The farmers are also reluctant to pay for water lifted from their fields and launched into their farms. The farmers will be able to make a profit if the irrigation scheme uses solar energy. Farmers must also pay less if it helps save energy.

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