Our Goal Is To Produce High-quality Products To Generate Energy For The Future Through Solar Power


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    With our deep and more than 20 years long understanding of the human need for ever-growing sources of energy, we realized that fossil fuels must make way for renewable and green sources. Our pursuits let us set up the most advanced 300 MW solar photovoltaic modules manufacturing unit spread over a 2,20,000 sqft area at Nagpur, the heart of India, from where we cater to the solar assets management needs of our clients across the country. The capacity is expandable to 500 MW in the same premises.


    We specialize in manufacturing high-efficiency solar PV modules using advanced MBB technology. We offer our clients the full spectrum of photovoltaic solar products, applications, solutions, and services from small domestic systems to large industrial projects.

    • Established in 2004 for commodity trading purpose
    • Diversified into Solar Industry in 2016.
    • Prime Objective: Manufacturing of high efficiency and high-quality Solar Panels.
    • Part of a diversified group operating in Renewable, Non-renewable, Agriculture, and Real estate sectors with a group annual turnover of INR 6.5 billion.
    • Our team consists of well-experienced and technically sound professionals.
    • Have set up a state-of-the-art, entirely automated, German engineering-based solar PV module manufacturing unit at Nagpur, Maharashtra.
    • Annual capacity:  300 MW+

    Vision :

    With a deep commitment to nation-building, our goal is to reach out to people, to give them cleaner & greener energy that is accessible and affordable.

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    To be known for the scale of our ambition, speed of execution, and quality of operation. We see ourselves as one of the leading corporate entities which promote clean and green energy in the years to come.

    “We recognize and appreciate that there are many different forms of renewable energy, each with its own unique applications. However, we’re dedicated to focusing on solar energy, which led us to believe that yellow is the new green when it comes to harnessing the sun’s rays and converting them into clean, green energy. Whether you want to cut down on costs or do your part to preserve the environment, solarisation is the way to go.”

    Our goal is to produce high-quality products to generate energy for the future through solar power. We strive to go beyond just a business relationship and build strong bonds of trust and integrity

    Product range:


    • Made from 156.75/157mm (M1/M2) polycrystalline cells.
    • Can be made from 72,66,60 & 54 cells.
    • Wattage range- 

    72 Cells (335Wp, 330Wp)

    66 Cells (300 Wp, 305 Wp)

    60 Cells (275 Wp, 270 Wp)

    54 Cells (250 Wp)

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    • Passivated layer on the rear side of the cell.
    • Made from monocrystalline Perc cells size(M2 & M3).

      M3 – 158.75 X 158.75 mm.

    • Wattage range- 

      390 Wp, 395 Wp.


    • Generates energy from both sides of the module.
    • Available in Mono PERC technology.
    • Overall increase by 8-30% in the generation.
    • We offer Bifacial modules with Glass transparent back sheet.

    d) ALPHA PLUS SERIES (Half cut)

    • The latest product from Novasys
    • 144 half-cut cells connected in series and connected with the other similar set in parallel.

    Business Competitiveness: 

    • We have invested in the best-in-class manufacturing facilities with complete automation.
    • We have designed an error-free, streamlined, and fully controlled production process.
    • Our modules are manufactured from the best-in-class raw materials.
    • Our modules have higher energy output at enhanced efficiency without an increase in module size thus saving on the cost of balance of systems and components.
    • We are committed to customer-oriented services at every stage from production to after-sales.

    Quality Policy of Novasys: 

    • Quality is our biggest asset and we procure raw materials from certified vendors.

    Why one should go for Novasys Made Solar Panels?    

    • TT2100 German Stringer with patented bussing technologies ensures minimum losses & better output. 
    • Better Performance under “Low light” & High Temperature too.
    • Resistant to PID, LID, Salt-Mist, Ammonia Corrosion (Certified). 
    • Complete Sequential automation process with automated framing, and sealing of frame to ensure lifelong performance. 
    • Every panel was tested under EL before & after lamination to ensure “Zero Micro Crack” and lifelong performance. 
    • 27Years Performance Warranty with a minimum of 80% output.
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    Team and Management: 

    Upcoming Products: 

    Multi Busbar Modules

    • 9BB, 10 BB

    • Higher Efficiency

    • Higher wattage

    Shingled Modules

    • Overlapping Cells

    • Very low resistive loss

    • Higher efficiency

    • Less susceptible to mechanical and environmental stress

    HJT modules

    • Combines the best quality of Crystalline & Amorphous silicon modules

    • Very high efficiency

    • Very Low-temperature coefficient

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