All Our Services And Products Are Constantly Fine-tuned To Make Them Prompt, Hence Professional


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    Contendre Solar: One of the India’s most Premium Solar PV Manufacturing and Solutions Company is an ISO certified organisation headquartered in Mumbai and with a State-of-the-Art, Automated Solar Module Manufacturing Facility located at Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, India. Our Avant grade European production line provides us with a high level of production accuracy in turn helping us achieve our goal of providing the highest quality Solar Products and Solutions to the World at a competent price point. Contendre strives to produce Indian, high quality solar products ensuring the highest in class power output and best in-class reliability to our customers. Contendre’s product line is tailored for residential, commercial and utility applications. Every Contendre solar module is certified and surpasses industry standard regulations, proving excellent performance over the long-term. With our equipment already advanced & upgraded to keep up with the fast-evolving technology, we are able to provide our customers with a wide range of products along with a special option for customization. 


    P Series- Polycrystalline Solar PV Modules (305-335Wp/ DCR)

    Contendre’s P Series Modules are one of the most popular among the entire product range with a yield ranging  between 305Wp -335Wp. This module can be put to good use for the installations of residential, commercial, industrial, off-grid, and utility-based projects. Contendre’s Poly-crystalline PV module provides a best in class module efficiency of up to 17.32%. The modules can be used in PV frameworks with a voltage of 1500V DC. The modules can withstand the snow load of up to 5400 Pa and wind load of up to 2400 Pa. Power resilience is +4.99Wp. The solar modules are BIS, IEC and ALMM Approved. The mentioned range of modules are also available in DCR variant.

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    M Series- Monocrystalline Solar PV Modules (380-415Wp)

    India’s first and only IEC and BIS certified 400Wp+ Module range with trusted full cell technology. Contendre offers Mono Crystalline Perc PV Module with a power range of 380-415Wp. The modules are ideal for all types of installations ranging from residential, commercial, industrial, utility, and off-grid-based projects. Contendre’s Mono-crystalline Perc PV modules offers an efficiency of up to 20.16%. The maximum system voltage of this module is 1500 V DC. The withstand capacity of snow load is 5400 Pa. and for wind, the load is 2400 Pa. Power resilience is +4.99Wp. The solar modules are BIS, IEC and ALMM Approved.

    G Series- Solar BIPV Glass Products (Customised)

    This is one of the unique propositions offered by Contendre Solar. With our technologically advanced setup, we are capable in producing and providing this highly customisable product solutions to our customers as per their specific requirements. The range covers all the different type of module technology starting from Glass to Glass, Glass to transparent back sheet, Coloured Glass to bifacial solar PV Modules and covers all the different size, shapes and colours.

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    X Series- Xtreme Power Series (530-550W)

    Contendre is soon going to launch its High Efficiency Modules series and establish itself among international module brands. The Modules will generate ultra-high power with best-in-class module efficiency, touching 21%. The modules will be based on 210mm large-size silicon wafer and monocrystalline PERC cell technology. It will also include other unique integrations like high density encapsulation and multi busbar technology allowing higher power generation capacity. The range will be further extended in next stage with integration of Bifacial technology allowing an extension of up to 600wp. 

    Mini Series- Range of Small Modules (40W-280W)

    Contendre also offers its customers with small solar modules for low power applications like lighting and off-grid solar solutions making us the one stop shop for all your solar module needs. The offered range is BIS, IEC Certified.

    Contendre Solar Power Solutions

    Our expertise does not only limit to the manufacturing of Solar PV Modules but it also extends to provision of end-to-end solar solutions to our customers. We provide tailor-made power solutions to satisfy the specific requirements of each and every customer. For us quality is not just the quantitative measure of perfection, it includes customer satisfaction too. All our services and products are constantly fine-tuned to make them prompt, hence professional. Our services include Solar Installation, Solar System Design, Solar Equipment Supply, Solar Consulting Services, Long Term Operation, and Maintenance, etc. And with us having the in-house manufacturing for most of the critical components needed in solar installations, we can provide our clients with a single point responsibility allowing them to have a hassle-free project installation and life.

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