BSI Issues the Global First Carbon Footprint Verification for Huawei Inverters

Huawei Awarded the Global First Carbon Footprint Verification for Inverters Issued by BSI

BSI, a globally recognized standards body, is a special advisor to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. It also produces standards like the first carbon footprint standard PAS-2050. This CFV demonstrates Huawei’s ability to assess the carbon footprint of products over their entire lifecycle. It also acknowledges Huawei’s efforts in reducing carbon emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy. The entire life cycle of inverters is supported by Huawei’s green, low-carbon and sustainable development concept. It has been accredited by BSI. It is crucial to develop and implement a system for managing the carbon footprint in the photovoltaic industry.


China’s ambitions to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 and carbon peak by 2030, has driven a rapid growth in the PV industry. While PV power generation is widely acknowledged as a key way to reduce carbon emissions and has been for many years, not all PV products are low-carbon. The Clean Production of Solar PV in China report states that PV plants can not achieve zero carbon emissions for 1.3 years of their 25-year lifespan. To decarbonize energy systems, it is crucial to reduce the carbon footprint. It is crucial to understand and manage both the carbon footprint and carbon emissions during the manufacturing of PV system components. Device bidding is mandatory in Europe and elsewhere. Customers can only get high-quality, low-carbon PV projects from advanced green manufacturing companies that have low carbon footprints.

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Huawei is committed to a future where it will use its innovative technologies to create more products with low carbon footprints and reduce carbon emissions for its customers and itself. This will help them move towards a better, sustainable, and greener future.


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