Sineng Electric Is One Of The Few Companies Which Manufactures Both Central And String Inverters For Utility Projects


    Sineng Electric offers a wide range of smart inverter solutions tailored for customers worldwide, committed to a cleaner future for all.


    Sineng Electric is a leading global high-tech enterprise specialized in power electronics products covering its business in power generation, power supply, distribution and power utilization. With advanced R&D, manufacturing, marketing, maintenance and service departments, it provides customers with a full range of solar inverters, energy storage systems and power quality control solutions.


    Constant innovation and optimization at each level is the only way to exist in the present competitive environment. In recent years, the market has shifted from small block size to 6.5/12.5MW block size and 1000V to 1500V. Presently, our R&D team is working on a higher voltage solution than 1500V for the future. Storage is also going to happen at a big scale in near future. We have been providing DC/AC and DC/DC coupled PCS and integrated solutions in China and the global market.

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    Sineng Electric is one of the few companies who manufactures both central and string inverters for utility projects. We launched a wide range of string inverters in order to satisfy the growing demands of global customers. Now the company’s string inverter technology is already mature and has been extensively adopted by many customers.

    Our string inverters are able to turn customers’ attention and that’s why we have set up production lines for string inverters in India manufacturing base this year. In 2020, we have added a new string model (SP-275K-INH) in our string inverter product line which gives an ease-to-design array with the larger wafer 210 mm high power module.

    The maximum current for each string input of this inverter is 20A. On the other side, Sineng is also working to come up with higher capacity compact central inverter solutions in near future.

    Central PCS Solution (EH-2.5/3.15/3.45-HA-UD)

    -Max. efficiency 99.0%;

    -IP65 protection;

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    -PQ, VF, SVG, VSG and other functions;

    -Off-grid operation and black start etc.

    String PCS Solution (EH-0200-HA-M)

    -Max. 220kW

    -IP66 + C5 protection;

    -Pack level management;

    -Independent charging and discharging etc.

    DC-DC Converter (EH-0182-HA-M )

    -Max. 200kW;

    -IP66 + C5 protection;

    -Pack level management;

    -Independent charging and discharging etc.

    Battery Container

    -Outdoor design;

    -Smaller footprint;

    -Liquid cooling system;

    -Three level BMS protection etc.

    As a technology-driven company, Sineng strives to bring innovative solutions that can offer more competitive advantages in the form of more power generation and BOS saving. Sineng has been and will always be holding on to its mission “high quality is low cost”, thus coping with the demands of the evolving market.

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