SofarSolar New Intelligent Residential ESS Now Available for Pre-order in India


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    SofarSolar’s newly launched “One-Stop” residential energy storage system solution – SOFAR PowerAll is now available for pre-booking in India. This new system seeks to realize high compatibility with all components and features high safety, unparalleled efficiency, and easy installation. 


    The smart lithium-ion battery is composed of a low-voltage battery pack, Battery Management Unit (BMU), and Power Control Unit (PCU). Through the PCU, it can independently adjust the output voltage and current, and automatically balance the capacities between battery packs according to the battery SOC. 


    The SOFAR PowerAll adopts a fully modular design and can be stacked in any combination. With deep integration with lithium battery and inverter, the system can monitor the real-time status of PV panel, lithium battery, grid power, and load, and automatically control the power flow direction with a smart energy management strategy to achieve the optimization of system power distribution. Meanwhile, the system can quickly switch between system battery charging and discharging demands and shorten the response time to be within 100ms. 

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    “Innovations in energy storage have never been more exciting and necessary than they are today,” said Yin Rongfang, President of SofarSolar. “As part of our ongoing commitment to providing top-notch solar and storage solutions for homeowners, SOFAR PowerAll boasts new features that not only meet the needs of energy-conscious homeowners but support broader sustainability goals,” he added.

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