Jordan’s Ministry Of Energy And Mineral Resources Installs Solar Panels

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The fourth phase of a project to install solar panels at households of underprivileged was launched by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.


According to a ministry statement, the fourth phase was estimated at JD800,000. It included 800 families from underprivileged backgrounds who were beneficiaries of the National Aid Fund in Jerash, Irbid and Ajloun.


Saleh Al Kharabsheh, Minister for Energy and Mineral Resources, stated that the new phase will be completed in the second half of 2023.

He pointed out that solar panels connected to the electricity network through the Fils Al Reef fee will reduce the monthly electricity bill for citizens and encourage the use of renewable energy sources throughout the Kingdom.

In 2019, the ministry began installing solar panels that were connected to the power grid for families with low incomes. This was done using the Fils Al Reef fee.

Director of Electricity and Rural Electrification, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Ziad al Saeedah stated that 1,098 people had submitted requests to the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources by June 30th for the Fils Al Reef fee. 935 of these were approved.

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To date, 7,732 beneficiaries have been registered in four phases. Two of these phases were completed and the third, which includes 1,390 housing units is currently being developed, has just begun.

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