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CIDCO Plans to Harness Solar Power on Railway Stations and on Office Building

CIDCO Plans to Harness Solar Power on Railway Stations and on Office Building

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The City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO), in an effort to combat climate change through sustainable infrastructure development, has opened tenders for solar power plants. These plants will be installed at parking lots, railway stations and CIDCO office building. This is based on the power purchase arrangement (PPA).


The planning agency issued a tender in November 2021 to appoint an expert to prepare a detailed report on solar power generation at CIDCO properties.

Senior officials at CIDCO said that the consultant’s report was encouraging, and the agency now plans to build solar power plants using the PPA model. He further said that CIDCO has no technical expertise in setting up solar power and will hire an expert as per the PPA model.

CIDCO offers two options to generate solar energy: net feeder and gross feeder. Companies that qualify under the gross feeder program will have space. The chosen company will sell the power generated to the grid.

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CIDCO will generate and use electricity through the net feeder scheme.

The remaining electricity will be sold to the grid. CIDCO will earn revenue and the electricity cost will be reduced,” the official said. He said that some companies had already expressed interest in the project.

CIDCO currently maintains Navi Mumbai’s railway stations. It also has a few commercial establishments. There is a lot of potential for solar energy in the rooftops of station buildings. CIDCO is also developing Metro rail. It has several premises, including the CIDCO Exhibition Centre and an auditorium that can be used for solar energy.

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