Sunna Design Secures Contract for Installing 100,750 Solar Street Lights in Rural Cameroon

Sunna Design Secures Contract for Installing 100,750 Solar Street Lights in Rural Cameroon

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French company Sunna Design has won a contract for the deployment of solar street lights in several rural municipalities in Cameroon. The solar lighting provider has signed a public-private partnership (PPP) with the Association of United Councils and Cities of Cameroon (UCCC) for this project.


Under the agreement, Sunna Design will install a total of 100,750 solar street lamps across several rural municipalities. The agreement also provides for the construction of a solar street lamp assembling factory in the commune of Yaoundé 7 in order to promote the transfer of the necessary technologies.


According to the UCCC’s President, Augustin Tamba, the first phase of this solar lighting project will end in April 2023 with the installation of 17,750 solar street lamps. Sunna Design will use streetlights from its iSSL+ range, which operates with its ‘Sunnap’ connected technology.

Public lighting grids have a huge impact on the living conditions of rural communities, by facilitating passenger and goods transport, pedestrian traffic, and night work, along with drastically reducing road accident rates and insecurity at night. In December 2021, Sunna won a €40 million contract in Togo for the deployment of 50,000 solar street lamps in several non-electrified villages, along with its maintenance and related services for 12 years.

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Like Cameroon, other African countries are already benefiting from Sunna’s solar lighting solutions. This is the case in Senegal, where a central mosque, playgrounds, and local shops in the Keur Massar department are lit by 60 iSSL street lamps. Sunna Design has also deployed smart solar-powered devices to provide lighting and weather data for the Durban University of Technology in South Africa.

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