Neom Places Order With Alfa Laval For Its Green Hydrogen Plant

PNE and Omnia Group Join Hands For Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Production in South Africa

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Neom, the developer and owner of a futuristic new city in Saudi Arabia worth $500 billion, has signed up Alfa Laval, a global industry leader, to supply heat exchangers compact for its world-leading green hydrogen plant. It is currently under construction.


Alfa Laval, based in Lund, Sweden is a major supplier of heat exchangers for many of the top electrolyzer producers.


This facility will be powered by renewable energy and is part of the new city of Neom. It was built in the northwestern desert with the aim of creating a new model of sustainable living.

Neom’s infrastructure and location will enable the generation of 4GW of renewable energy from solar and wind. The green hydrogen production facility will consume about half of that, according to the Swedish firm.

It will produce 650 tonnes of hydrogen per day and be the largest green hydrogen facility. It stated that this will allow it to produce 1.2 Million Tons of green ammonia per year.

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International Energy Agency (IEA) states that hydrogen is one of the most popular options for storing renewable energy over long periods of time. It also allows transportation over long distances. But, green hydrogen production is not without its problems.

To maximize efficiency, purified water must be separated into hydrogen and oxygen by renewable electricity.

The process of separating water into two gases creates heat that must be constantly cooled. This project uses Alfa Laval energy-efficient plate heaters.

Thomas Moller, President of, Energy Division, Alfa Laval, stated that “our business in hydrogen has grown well over the years” and that they are now supplying efficient heat exchanging units to all stages of the process, for production, distribution, and use.

He said, “With our products, and expertise, and will continue to be part of accelerating and scaling that area, which is so essential in the race for net zero emissions.” 

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