Punjab Floats Tender for 8.7 MW Solar Projects Across State


The state-owned Department of Water Supply and Sanitation (DWSS), has opened the call for bids to install 8.7 MW solar projects at 970 rural water supply systems in Punjab.


Last date to submit a bid is January 12, 2023. The bid will open on January 13, 2023.


The scope of work include design, engineering and testing, supply, packing, forwarding, transportation and unloading, storage and installation of grid-connected, floating and/or ground-mounted Solar PV projects. These projects will be awarded to multiple/single biders/applicants on a turnkey basis.


The total estimated cost of the tender is Rs 56.753 Crores. The winning bidder must submit Rs. 3 lakhs in an Earnest Money Deposit (EMD), which will be submitted as a Bank Guarantee. Every awarded bidder must submit 5% as a performance bank guarantee within 21 days of the date of the allocation letter.


Bidders must have completed at most one similar project in the past five years for at least 80% of anticipated project costs, at least two similar projects worth at minimum 50% of projected cost, and at least three similar works that are at least 40% of estimated project cost.

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Minimum financial turnover for bidders must be 40% of the project cost over the five previous fiscal years. The job will require bidders to invest at least 25% of the contract value during execution.

All solar modules and cells that will be used in this project must be made in India. The modules must have a minimum power output of 250 Wp, and an efficiency greater than or equal 16%. The modules must have a minimum of 90 percent performance guarantee for the first 10 year and >80% for 15 years.

They should also have a performance warranty of at least 97% the first year of installation and a degrading rate of less that 1% each year. The expected electrical degradation of power generated over 25 years should not exceed 20%, and it should not exceed 10 span after ten years.

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