Govt Plans to Shift 30% of Agri Power Consumers to Solar by 2025


Nagpur’s Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis stated that solar power is the only way for farmers to have uninterrupted electricity during the day. Devendra Fadnavis also said that 30% of the country’s agriculture energry consumers will be switched to solar by 2025.


In answer to the question, “how government would deal with power demands from all sections of society?” Fadnavis stated that “solarization” of feeders throughout the state will be a priority. Feeder units transmit power to distribution points from sub-stations/generating stations.


We will lease land that is within one to two kilometers of the feeders, and use it for solarization. If the land belongs in government hands then MSEDCL will acquire it at first. Private land will be leased at 275.000/hectare per year. MSEDCL will not have to do NA (non agriculture) for the land. Fadnavis stated that if the private land rate rises, 60% of the ready reckoner would be paid as rent by the state.

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Fadnavis stated that by 2025, we aim to have 30% more agricultural users go solar. He said that work has already begun under three verticals of the Kusum Solar Yojna central government, where five lakh solar pumps will be distributed.


Fadnavis also stated that farmers will no longer need separate solar pumps to solarize their feeders. Fadnavis stated that the power used by a traditional pump will be converted to solar energy.

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