Andel Acquires 55 MW Tryggevælde Solar Park from European Energy

Andel Acquires 55 MW Tryggevælde Solar Park from European Energy

Andel expands its position as a producer of renewable energy by purchasing Tryggevælde Solar park from European Energy.


European Energy has developed, built and operates the 55 MW Tryggevælde Solar Park, which produces approximately 60 million kilowatt-hours per year. In round numbers, this corresponds to the electricity consumption of 15,000 households. The park is located near Faxe and covers an area equivalent to approximately 100 football pitches. In connection with the deal, Andel takes over a 30-year lease on the land.


“It is absolutely inevitable that Denmark will need much more energy from renewable energy sources. It is the only viable solution to the climate crisis and to our dependence on fossil fuels”, says CEO Jesper Hjulmand on the background of the purchase of Tryggevælde Solar Park. He adds that with the purchase Andel is increasing its focus on renewable energy.


“Andel will be at the forefront of the green transition and ensure that energy production is also anchored in a Danish cooperative-owned company in the future. The sun is a new source of energy for us, as we have so far focused strongly on the production of renewable energy from wind. We are committed to maintain this, among other things through the work with the future energy island in the North Sea, and we will continue to invest strategically in a broad value chain,” he added.

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European Energy will continue to be responsible for the operation of Tryggevælde Solar Park.

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