Red Sea Global Delivers First Batch Of 73 Villas For Sheybarah Island Resort Powered With Solar Energy In Egypt


Red Sea Global CEO John Pagano announced in a tweet that the first batch of 73 villas prefabricated for the Sheybarah Island Resort at Red Sea Project has been successfully delivered.


He said, “Welcoming Saudi Arabia’s future tourism. These space-age orbs were designed by Killa Design and built on-site by Grankraft. They were then transported by Mammoet Global from the UAE to Saudi Arabia.”


The developer awarded a contract in May 2022 to Mammoet, a Netherlands-headquartered company to transport, deliver as well as install 73 prefabricated overwater with beach villas.


Killa Design, a Dubai-based architectural firm, designed the hyper-luxury resort. It is located on the Red Sea in the southeast corner of the archipelago. Sheybarah Resort has been designed to be LEED Platinum off-grid, with zero-water development, and zero energy. It is powered by a centralized, solar farm, and supplied with fresh water via a solar-powered desalination station.


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