LONGi Expands Its Footprint With Multiple Distribution Agreements For 500MW Worth Of Hi-MO 6 At WFES 2023

LONGi Expands Its Footprint With Multiple Distribution Agreements For 500MW Worth Of Hi-MO 6 At WFES 2023

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LONGi and its distribution partners signed orders for 500MW worth of Hi-MO 6 at WFES 2023 showcasing its stunning attraction in the MENA region. 


The new dealership agreements have been signed with Power N Sun, Nanosun, AGS, Power City, Noon from the Middle East, and other close partners from Africa and Central Asia. The signing opens a new chapter in MEA&CA for LONGi in 2023.


On the occasion, Jia Chao, President of LONGi MEA&CA Region said, “We are extremely happy to further expand our footprint in the Middle East region with some of the leading distributors. LONGi is committed to providing customer-centric products and solutions. With this extensive distribution network, we can ensure a greater reach to our customers. We believe that Hi-MO 6 modules will allow us to meet the varied needs of our customers and create a new experience in green energy.”

He further added, “At LONGi, we firmly believe that combating climate change and achieving net zero emissions is the need of the hour. We are willing to collaborate with partners to accelerate the transition to clean energy in the Middle East. We will actively contribute to the region’s goal of a zero carbon future.” 

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LONGi’s Hi-MO 6 product family is based on efficient HPBC cell technology. HPBC is a new generation of high-efficiency solar cell technology that uses a front-side busbar-free design and can considerably improve the cell’s light absorption and photoelectric conversion capabilities by adjusting the cell’s internal structure and can thus effectively increase the module’s output power.

Hi-MO 6 has an enhanced appearance as it simplifies the complexity and redefines the aesthetic concept of PV modules. It exhibits better performance as it improves the photoelectric conversion capacity of the module through comprehensive optimization. Hi-MO 6 offers greater reliability as the HPBC cell adopts full-back welding technology to effectively improve the resistance to micro cracking of modules.  At the same time, Hi-MO 6 is capable of intelligent optimization and active safety through its prefabricated intelligent optimizer. Hi-MO 6 is available in four series: Explorer, Scientist, Guardian, and Artist.

As the Middle East strives to achieve its RE goal, there has been an increase in demand for more efficient PV technology. The Middle East will see a greater penetration and wider availability of LONGi’s efficient technology via its extensive distribution network which will help it to move towards a more sustainable future.

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About LONGi:

LONGi was founded in 2000 and is dedicated to becoming the world’s leading solar technology company. It focuses on customer-driven value creation for a holistic energy transformation. LONGi’s mission to ‘making the best of solar energy to build a green world’ has led to the establishment of five business segments. These include mono-silicon wafers, cells, modules, Commercial and Industrial distributed solar solutions, Green energy solutions, and Hydrogen equipment. LONGi has developed its ability to supply green energy, and more recently has adopted green hydrogen products and solutions in support of global zero-carbon development. 

For more details visit http://www.longi.com

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