United Nations Development Programme Provided $3 Million For Solar PV Development In Egypt In 2022


According to the New and Renewable Energy Authority’s indications report, the UNDP, United Nations Development Programme has granted several cash grants totaling $3 million out of more than $13 million in investments in the year 2022 for the photovoltaic cells project of Egypt.


According to the report, the project is associated with the Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC). It generates about 30 gigawatts per hour, which contributes to reducing CO2 equivalent emissions by 16,700 tonnes.


According to the report, hydroelectricity production was estimated at 15,000 gigawatts per hour by 2022. Wind farms generated nearly 6,100 gigawatts per hour.


According to the report, photovoltaic cells connected to the national grid generated over 4,400 gigawatts hour of energy last year. Biofuel projects produced power at around 90 gigawatts per hour.


The report also highlighted the important role of the private sector in reaching national strategic goals for renewable energies.

It is important to note that the national strategy for the electricity sector aims to diversify energy resources, increase the use of renewable energies, and decrease dependence on traditional energy sources.

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