Antaisolar Signs 23MW Solar Tracker Deal, Accelerating Its Deployment in India Market


Antaisolar, the leading supplier of the whole industry chain in PV mounting systems, has recently completed the signing of a 23MW supply agreement with WELSPUN INDIA LIMITED, committing to provide its classic slew-drive single-axis independent tracking system – TAI Simple for the solar plant. Having cultivated in the solar industry for seventeen years, Antaisolar is now developing at a rapid pace. This signing is another milestone for Antaisolar to expand its business presence in the Indian market.


Solar tracking systems are proven to be more efficient than fixed mounting systems by making solar panels follow the sun’s path to maximize absorbing the sunlight, which helps increase energy yield. Whereas, with advanced technology improving the energy yield, there also comes the drawback that utilizing tracking systems require more investment. TAI-Simple, Antaisolar’s intelligent 1P tracking system, adopts the patent single-point slew drive design with two dampers on both sides, which not only can greatly save cost in procurement, installation, and O&M, but also ensure the stability of the whole structure.

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Following the trend of reducing the LCOE of solar plants, purchasers are more interested in the solution of tracking systems combined with bifacial or large-size modules. Antaisolar has captured this demand and started R&D many years ago to optimize product adaptability. Until now, Antaisolar has the entire tracker product line matched perfectly with all types of solar panels.


Indian solar market is growing at an unimaginable speed, that the installed capacity of PV systems in India has grown from 6.76GW in 2016 to 54GW in 2022. Competition becomes more fierce when the government announced the target to achieve 280GW of installed capacity by 2030. Antaisolar shows its confidence in exploring the Indian market and started deployment very early, the Indian office of Antaisolar is located in New Delhi, there you can find local sales and engineers providing the best solution for you. Antaisolar also cooperated with local supply chain factory and has secured 2.5 GW production capacity per annum, which enables fast delivery to the project location.

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Holding the mission of Raise a Green World, Antaisolar is making strides to achieve the globalization, bringing cutting-edge technology and thoughtful service to clients around the world. Along with the rapid growth of the solar market, Antaisolar is strengthening itself, always ready to solve what’s next.

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