NDMC Approves Procurement of Renewable Non-Solar Power to Tackle Power Deficit

photo of wind turbines during golden hour
Representational image. Credit: Canva

The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has taken a significant step towards promoting the use of renewable energy by approving a proposal to procure renewable non-solar power. The council aims to meet the power deficit of nearly 200 MW until March. The renewable non-solar power will be procured through a government enterprise, which will help the council in achieving its objective of reducing carbon emissions and becoming more environment-friendly.


The NDMC aims to meet its peak demand of around 400 MW through renewable sources and has thus decided to purchase short-term, non-solar, renewable power from a government enterprise. The project is extendable for a year with mutual consent. Satish Upadhyay, the Vice Chairman of NDMC, confirmed the approval of the proposal.

The NDMC is responsible for the administration of the city of New Delhi, including the maintenance of parks, gardens, and public buildings. The council has been actively working towards promoting the use of renewable energy sources in its operations. In 2018, the council had set up a 3 MW solar power plant in Delhi, which generated 4.5 million units of energy annually.

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The move to procure renewable non-solar power will not only help the NDMC reduce its carbon footprint but also save costs in the long run. Renewable energy sources have become increasingly cost-competitive, and investing in renewable energy infrastructure can result in significant cost savings for organizations in the long run.


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