John Cockerill to Provide Innovative Energy System for JOSKIN Facilities

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Belgium-based John Cockerill has been awarded the contract to design and install an innovative energy system for JOSKIN facilities. The energy system includes photovoltaic panels, storage batteries, electric vehicle charging stations, and intelligent management and control systems. This innovative energy system will enable JOSKIN to reduce its energy bills and increase self-consumption of renewable energy.


JOSKIN is a manufacturer of agricultural machinery with over 50 years of experience and more than 120,000 machines sold worldwide. John Cockerill, a specialist in renewable energy solutions, will design and install the energy system at JOSKIN’s historic site in the Li├Ęge region.

The energy system will allow JOSKIN to maximize self-consumption of its electricity production and participate in network services for ELIA to provide stability and balance to the electricity network according to supply and demand. The excess electricity produced can be redistributed to the grid.


John Cockerill’s experience in decarbonization includes the construction of Europe’s largest industrial pilot for electricity production and storage, MiRiS, in 2018. This installation, composed of 6500 photovoltaic panels, is operational for five years and covers 80% of the energy needs of John Cockerill’s Belgian headquarters.

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The energy production, storage, and recovery solutions developed by John Cockerill allow for combining the various use cases required by the operation of an industrial site, erasing the intermittence of production linked to renewable energies, increasing revenues by adding services to the network, and finally, reducing energy bills by decarbonizing activities.

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