SolaX Energy Storage Solution, Your Best Investment for Next Decade


    As load shedding occurs more frequently than ever, all sectors of South African society have been dramatically impacted. With no end in sight to the outages, homeowners are increasingly opting for solar energy storage solutions as a reliable backup power source and SolaX stand out as a leading choice. With SolaX, you can take control of your energy supply and no longer suffer from sudden power outages.


    SolaX provides various hybrid inverters and storage batteries, as well as an all-in-one energy storage system, X-ESS G4, for a more worry-free solution. With its 10-year warranty and complete after-sales support, you can be confident that SolaX will be there to assist you while you use these products.

    • Hybrid Inverter

    Available in single-phase ranging from 3-7.5kW and three-phase ranging from 5-15kW, SolaX hybrid inverters can support up to 10 inverters in parallel for a maximum power of 150 kW. They boast an integrated shading management function, as well as an emergency power output, with a switching time of less than 10ms.

    • Storage Battery
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    SolaX storage batteries utilize safe LFP cells with a longer cycle life of over 6,000 cycles. This provides superior durability and reliability. Further, SolaX batteries feature remote troubleshooting, upgrades, and maintenance to guarantee smooth system management and operation.

    • X-ESS G4

    SolaX X-ESS G4 is an intelligent all-in-one energy storage system, you get a complete inverter and battery package, making installation quick and easy. In the daytime, X -ESS G4 harnesses free, clean solar energy to generate electricity for your home, simultaneously charging the battery when the background loads are met. During load shedding or other times of high demand, the system will seamlessly transition to supply your home with stored energy, which means you can enjoy uninterrupted power even when the grid is down.

    So don’t let load shedding get you down.

    Invest in SolaX energy storage solutions and ensure that your home is always powered!

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