KPI Green Energy Completes 10.18 MWdc Solar Power Projects, Receives Commissioning Certificates

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KPI Green Energy Limited Receives Commissioning Certificates for 10.18 MWdc Solar Power Plant under CPP Segment


Gujarat-based KPI Green Energy Limited successfully completes solar power projects for multiple clients, receiving Commissioning Certificates from Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA).

In compliance with Regulation 30 of the SEBI, KPI Green Energy is pleased to announce the receipt of Commissioning Certificates from GEDA for their solar power projects with a combined capacity of 10.18 MWdc. These projects were executed under the Captive Power Producer (CPP) segment, with KPI Green Energy Limited and its wholly owned subsidiary, M/s. KPIG Energia Private Limited, as the project developers.


The solar power projects have been successfully commissioned for various esteemed clients, with details as follows:


Nouveau Jewellery LLP – Capacity: 5.41 MWdc
Isha Prints LLP – Capacity: 1.11 MWdc
Labhuben Moradiya (Verni Textile) – Capacity: 0.75 MWdc
General Petrochemicals Pvt. Ltd. – Capacity: 1.91 MWdc
Savalia Texturisers Pvt. Ltd. – Capacity: 1.00 MWdc

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The total capacity of these projects amounts to an impressive 10.18 MWdc, further contributing to the growing renewable energy landscape in the region.

Receiving the Commissioning Certificates from GEDA signifies the successful completion and operational readiness of these solar power plants. This achievement showcases KPI Green Energy’s commitment to clean energy and their expertise in delivering high-quality renewable energy solutions.

As a captive power producer, KPI Green Energy continues to play a vital role in promoting sustainable energy practices and reducing carbon emissions.

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