Nextracker and MSS Steel Tubes USA Open Tennessee Factory for Low-Carbon Steel Components in Solar Tracking Systems


Nextracker Inc., a leading global provider of utility-scale solar trackers, has partnered with MSS Steel Tubes USA to inaugurate a new factory in Tennessee. The facility will manufacture low-carbon steel components for Nextracker’s solar tracking systems, specifically steel torque tubes. This venture is expected to create 129 jobs and make a significant economic impact on the local community.


The decision to establish the factory in Memphis was driven by the city’s favorable transportation infrastructure and skilled workforce, which will support Nextracker’s growing demand for utility-scale solar projects in the Southeast region of the United States. The tube mill in Tennessee will supply projects in Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia, Mississippi, and Georgia. Notably, Silicon Ranch, a leading solar developer in the Southeast, has signed supply agreements with Nextracker for a total capacity of 4.5 gigawatts, supporting the development of these projects.

By manufacturing low-carbon steel components locally, Nextracker aims to lower the carbon footprint of its supply chain while enhancing energy security and reducing logistical risks. The collaboration with MSS Steel Tubes USA, a joint venture between Metalogalva Group and Soufer Group, signifies the growth of Tennessee as a regional manufacturing hub in the Southeast.

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A ceremony was held on May 18th to mark the dedication of the steel tube line, attended by notable figures such as the Tennessee Commissioner of Economic Development, Stuart McWhorter, the CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association, Abby Hopper, and the CEO of U.S. Steel, David Burritt. This collaboration exemplifies Nextracker’s commitment to delivering high-performing solar systems manufactured in the United States, catering to the increasing demand for domestic, low-carbon technologies.


With the Tennessee factory now operational, Nextracker is well-prepared to meet the requirements of the next generation of utility-scale solar projects in the Southeast. This development signifies the ongoing growth of the Tennessee Valley as a prominent manufacturing hub and highlights the industry’s shift toward sustainable energy solutions.

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