PTC India Expands Solar Power Portfolio with 100 MW Purchase Agreement, Signs Long-Term Thermal Power Deal for 115 MW

Representational image. Credit: Canva

PTC India, a prominent power trading solutions provider and consultant, has recently entered into two significant long-term agreements for the procurement of 215 MW of electricity capacity. These agreements, signed with Brookfield Renewables and V S Lignite, involve the purchase of 100 MW of solar power and 115 MW of thermal power, respectively. PTC India aims to market this power capacity to utilities, commercial establishments, and industrial entities.


In the fiscal year 2024, PTC India expects substantial growth in its business revenues by leveraging various opportunities. These include providing consultancy services to stakeholders, entering into new power purchase agreements (PPAs) throughout the year, and improving the supply of power from existing PPAs, all of which form integral parts of the company’s business model.

The positive trajectory is anticipated to persist due to the country’s expanding infrastructure facilities. Additionally, PTC India is optimistic about the growth of its advisory business. According to month-on-month analysis, the company observed a notable 33 percent increase in the traded volume of power in April 2023.

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PTC India operates as a public-private partnership entity, with POWERGRID, NTPC, PFC, and NHPC serving as its promoters, collectively holding a 16 percent share. The remaining 84 percent ownership is distributed among financial institutions, utility companies, and the public.

As PTC India continues to foster strategic collaborations and capitalize on emerging opportunities, it is well-positioned to contribute to the development of India’s power sector and support the nation’s growing energy needs.

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