Molten Partners With Constant Energy And Shizen Energy For Solar Power Installation

A file photo of Molten Partners with Constant Energy and Shizen Energy for Solar Power Installation, Driving Sustainability in Sports Equipment Manufacturing

Molten, a leading manufacturer of high-quality sports equipment and sporting goods recently signed a Solar Power Purchase Agreement with Constant Energy and Shizen Energy Inc. for a 999kW solar rooftop installation. This partnership is expected to lower Molten’s carbon emissions by 11,746 tons, the equivalent of taking over 2,500 cars off the road annually, showcasing their commitment to sustainable business practices.


Through the long-term Power Purchase Agreement, Molten can benefit from a dependable source of energy, enabling them to continue producing sports gear of superior quality while enjoying cost savings, energy security, and reduced environmental impact, thus combating climate change. Additionally, by reducing their reliance on non-renewable sources of energy, they will be able to save money on energy bills, which can be reinvested in their business to drive growth and innovation.

Among the attendees of this signing ceremony were Franck Constant, Founder and CEO of Constant Energy, Rei Ushikubo, Business Development Director of Shizen International and Shintaro Iwasaki, Managing Director of Molten (Thailand) Co., Ltd. All were present in anticipation of Molten Thailand’s journey towards renewable energy.

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Franck Constant, CEO and Founder of Constant Energy commented:

“We are very pleased to sign this PPA and support another Japanese client such as Molten in deploying and managing its solar-powered electricity supply. We are looking forward to developing, permitting and operating this project in Thailand and to contributing to the CO₂ reduction and power cost savings through our solar installations.”

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