Goodman and BayWa r.e. Come Together to Install their Largest Rooftop Solar Installation to date

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Goodman has collaborated with renewable energy provider BayWa r.e. to deploy an impressive 18MWp of rooftop solar capacity at Goodman’s Marl Logistics Centre in Germany. The goal of the collaboration is to provide sustainable energy for METRO LOGISTICS’ on-site operations.


The installation, spanning an area equivalent to 14 football fields, represents the largest joint project to date for both Goodman and BayWa r.e. It includes a 6 MWp solar capacity on one roof and an impressive 12 MWp solar capacity on the other, establishing the latter as the largest single roof solar installation in Germany. With this milestone, Goodman  inches a step closer to achieving its global sustainability target of installing 400MWp of solar PV by 2025.

When it started operations in 2017, Goodman’s Marl Logistics Centre was considered the largest logistics center in Europe, covering an impressive 235,000 sqm. At present, this property is set to achieve another milestone by becoming home to Goodman’s largest rooftop solar PV installation worldwide.


Teaming up with BayWa r.e., a renowned renewable energy developer and solutions provider, Goodman will deploy 18 MWp of solar capacity through the installation of over 43,000 solar modules. This includes 6 MWp of solar capacity on one roof and an additional 12 MWp on the other. The Marl Logistics Centre is operated by METRO LOGISTICS, a German service provider specializing in procurement, distribution, contract logistics, and e-commerce fulfillment.

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Upon completion, the energy requirements of the building and METRO LOGISTICS will be prioritized, with any excess power being sold back to the grid. The Marl Logistics Centre has been a key hub for METRO LOGISTICS since 2017, strategically located to efficiently distribute food and non-food products from METRO and external customers throughout Germany, serving a population of approximately five million within a one-hour drive.

The ambitious solar installation project is slated to be finalized by the end of 2023. It further enhances the sustainability credentials of Goodman’s Marl Logistics Centre, which was developed on a revitalized brownfield site and has received a gold certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

Commenting on the development, Marie Maggiordomo, Head of Innovation & Sustainability at Goodman CE, said, “To help customers reduce their emissions and minimise the demand on electricity grids, we continue to build our capacity to generate clean energy. Solar PV capacity is now standard across our developments, but retrofitting our existing buildings is key to achieving our sustainability goals and those of our customers. We have a huge opportunity to generate on-site renewable energy on our large rooftops, especially one the size of Goodman Marl Logistics Centre. Last year, we installed and committed to 78 MWp of new solar PV capacity across our global portfolio, taking us closer to our goal of 400 MWp by 2025. We’re working in close collaboration with METRO and BayWa r.e. to realise this major project, which represents a third of our target in Continental Europe this year.”  

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Armin Koeller, CEO at METRO LOGISTICS, added, “We welcome the installation of the solar system by Goodman as this measure contributes to METRO’s overall sustainability strategy, which also includes the expansion of photovoltaic systems on the roofs of METRO’s own buildings. On most days, the solar installation will cover the energy requirements of METRO LOGISTICS’ warehouse in Marl.”

Andrea Grotzke, Global Director of Energy Solutions at BayWa r.e, noted: “Our latest cooperation with Goodman in Marl is yet another successful project that highlights our fruitful and long-standing relationship. In the past, we have already supported Goodman in delivering several large-scale rooftop solar installations in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. This year we will reach the milestone of 24 installed projects with a total capacity of 60 MWp together. Large industrial and commercial property groups such as Goodman are key in helping corporates to make the best use of their large roof surfaces to generate renewable power. Together, we share the same vision when it comes to a sustainable future and have our eyes already set on a number of future PV projects.”  

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