Arunachal Pradesh Implements Solar-Wind Power Plant For Sustainable Energy Generation

Representational image. Credit: Canva

The Arunachal Pradesh State Council for Science and Technology, in partnership with the School of Energy Science & Engineering at IIT Guwahati, has successfully implemented a solar-wind power plant in the Papum Pare district.


This hybrid plant system, with a capacity of 10 KW, was installed at the Rural Technology Demonstration Centre (RTDC) in Kimin. It consists of a 5 KW horizontal axis wind turbine and 5 KW solar photovoltaic panels.

The energy generated by the system will be stored in a battery bank and monitored using a hybrid charge controller. This hybrid system offers the advantage of uninterrupted power generation throughout the year, unaffected by seasonal changes.


The installation of such hybrid systems across the state aligns with the goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions as stated in the Pakke Declaration, emphasizing the state’s commitment to low-emission and climate-resilient development.

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