India Launches Anti-Dumping Probe on Chinese Aluminium Frames for Solar Panels

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India has initiated an anti-dumping investigation into the import of aluminium frames used for solar panels from China, following a complaint lodged by a domestic manufacturer. The Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR), which operates under the commerce ministry, is conducting the investigation. Vishakha Metals, the domestic manufacturer, filed the complaint alleging that China has been exporting the product to India at artificially low prices, causing significant harm to the domestic industry. The aluminium frames are essential components in the assembly of solar panels.


If it is determined that the dumping of these frames has indeed caused material injury to domestic players, the DGTR will recommend the imposition of anti-dumping duties on such imports. However, the final decision regarding the imposition of duties rests with the finance ministry.

Anti-dumping probes are conducted to assess whether domestic industries have been negatively impacted by the influx of inexpensive imports. These duties are enforced under the World Trade Organization’s multilateral regime to ensure fair trading practices and establish a level-playing field for domestic producers. In the past, India has imposed anti-dumping duties on various products to address the issue of cheap imports from different countries, including China.

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The investigation into the aluminium frames for solar panels is part of India’s ongoing efforts to safeguard its domestic industries and foster a conducive environment for local production. The imposition of anti-dumping duties, if warranted, would serve to protect the interests of domestic manufacturers and enhance the competitiveness of the Indian solar panel industry.

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