Tripura Electricity Regulatory Commission Amends Guidelines for Renewable Energy Net Metering

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The Tripura Electricity Regulatory Commission (TERC) has issued an amendment to the existing guidelines for Group Net Metering and Virtual Net Metering for Renewable Energy in Tripura. The amendment, titled the Tripura Electricity Regulatory Commission (Group Net Metering and Virtual Net Metering for Renewable Energy) (First Amendment) Guidelines, 2023, comes into effect immediately upon its publication.


The first amendment focuses on three key areas. Firstly, it modifies Guideline 4, which pertains to the available capacity at the distribution transformer level. The new provision states that the Distribution Licensee must allow net metering arrangement for eligible consumers up to 85% of the rated capacity of the distribution transformer, or any other percentage determined by the Commission. However, if the Distribution Licensee conducts a detailed load study, they may permit net metering connectivity beyond the 85% threshold. Additionally, the Distribution Licensee is required to provide annual information on the capacity available for connecting Grid Interactive Rooftop Solar systems.

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Secondly, Regulation 12.2 of the Principal Regulation is amended. The revised clause stipulates that at the end of each financial year, the Distribution Licensee will purchase unadjusted net credited units of electricity, limited to 25% of the total units generated during the year by the Eligible Consumer. These units will be acquired at the approved average cost of power purchase for the respective year. However, any excess unadjusted net credited units above the 25% limit will be considered unwanted, and the Distribution Licensee is not obligated to make any payment for them.


Lastly, Guideline 13, which deals with the applicability of other charges, undergoes a modification. Under the amended guideline, Renewable Energy Systems commissioned until March 31, 2026, under the TERC (Net Metering for Grid Interactive Rooftop Solar System) Regulations, 2016, are exempted from paying wheeling charges, banking charges, cross subsidy charges, and any other applicable charges during their useful life, as determined by the Commission through an order.

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These amendments aim to streamline the net metering and virtual net metering processes for renewable energy in Tripura, providing clarity on capacity limits, payment regulations, and exemptions from certain charges for renewable energy system owners.

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