Masdar and INPEX Collaborate to Explore E-Methane Production Utilizing Green Hydrogen and CO2 in the UAE


Masdar, the UAE’s renowned clean energy company, has joined forces with INPEX, a leading Japanese energy firm, to explore the creation of an Abu Dhabi-based project dedicated to producing e-methane, a sustainable fuel source. This innovative initiative involves utilizing green hydrogen and carbon dioxide in the production process. The agreement was officially signed during the Japan-UAE Business Forum in Abu Dhabi, in the presence of HH Sheikh Hamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Member of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council, and Japan’s Prime Minister, HE Fumio Kishida. E-methane, also known as synthetic methane, holds great potential for driving decarbonization efforts in challenging-to-decarbonize sectors, such as the industrial sector.


Masdar and INPEX have joined hands to conduct an in-depth feasibility study encompassing the entire value chain for e-methane production. This comprehensive study will explore various aspects, including hydrogen production, CO2 procurement, and the process of e-methane production and transportation. Additionally, the assessment will evaluate the commercial viability of establishing a methanation business in Abu Dhabi, with the ultimate goal of exporting the e-methane to Japan. Moreover, the study will thoroughly analyze the project’s potential impact on reducing emissions, reflecting the commitment of both companies to advancing sustainable energy solutions.

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Masdar’s CEO, Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi, said, “We are proud to be working with our Japanese partners to advance clean energy solutions.  Today’s development opens an exciting new chapter for Masdar as we explore how to unlock the full potential of green hydrogen to produce fuel for homes and businesses.  Ahead of the UAE hosting COP28, Masdar will continue to build upon strong alliances with our Japanese partners as we advance the global energy transition.”


INPEX President & CEO Takayuki Ueda, said, “We position carbon recycling and methanation as one of our five net zero businesses, and this joint initiative with Masdar to explore the production of clean e-methane is fully aligned with our decarbonization efforts as well as our long-term commitment to Abu Dhabi, which is one of our core business areas. We hope to leverage this opportunity to provide added value for our stakeholders in Japan and the UAE, while helping realize a net-zero society by 2050.”

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E-methane offers the advantage of not imposing any special fuel conversion requirements on consumers, and it can be seamlessly integrated into existing gas infrastructure across countries. This accessibility makes it a promising solution to accelerate decarbonization efforts without incurring significant cost increases. Its widespread availability and compatibility with existing infrastructure make e-methane a viable and cost-effective option for driving the transition to a greener energy future.

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