CVE And Sun Exchange Join Forces For HTS Drostdy Solar Project In South Africa

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South Africa’s esteemed technical high school, High Technical School (HTS) Drostdy, is set to receive a sustainable energy boost, thanks to the generous funding provided by CVE South Africa, a global leader in renewable energy and independent power production (IPP). The company has fully financed a large solar-plus battery project that will cater to the school’s power needs.


In collaboration with the Sun Exchange platform, CVE South Africa purchased all the solar cells required for HTS Drostdy, paving the way for eco-friendly energy to fuel education in South Africa. Moreover, this innovative project promises to create an alternative income stream for CVE over the solar system’s 20-year lifespan.

The solar-plus-battery project, valued at over ZAR 20 million (USD 1.1 million), boasts a 470.88 kW solar capacity and a 700 kWh battery storage. Situated in the picturesque Paarl winelands, the system will provide more than half of HTS Drostdy’s power needs, reducing the school’s reliance on conventional energy sources.

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The implementation of a carport PV structure will offer essential backup energy, mitigating the disruptions caused by frequently scheduled power cuts, also known as ‘load shedding.’ This uninterrupted power supply will significantly benefit the school’s 60 teachers and 1053 students, ensuring seamless teaching and learning experiences.

The positive environmental impact of this project is noteworthy, as it is estimated to reduce a staggering 13,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually. This reduction is equivalent to driving over 196 million kilometers in an average passenger vehicle, exemplifying CVE South Africa’s commitment to combatting climate change.

René Laks, General Manager of CVE South Africa, underlined the significance of education and the well-being of future generations amidst the challenges of climate change. He stated, “At CVE, we are committed to placing people and the planet at the center of tomorrow’s energy solutions. Sun Exchange shares our vision and values, and we are delighted to collaborate with them on this innovative and high-impact project that unlocks decentralized renewable energy for South Africa’s education sector.”

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Saul Wainwright, Managing Director of Sun Exchange, expressed their shared commitment to driving sustainable energy solutions for South African schools. “CVE’s purchase of the entire HTS Drostdy solar project through our platform demonstrates that businesses can play a crucial role in fostering sustainable energy for schools, while also securing financial benefits,” he stated.

Principal Louis Steijn of HTS Drostdy highlighted the importance of uninterrupted energy supply, especially in preparing students for the digital world they will soon enter. The solar-plus-battery project aligns with the school’s focus on leveraging technology and innovation to address climate change’s impacts, inspiring students to be part of the solution.

Sun Exchange has been instrumental in enabling solar power for numerous organizations in Southern Africa since 2015. With more than 19 gigawatt-hours of clean energy generated and over 19,000 tonnes of carbon emissions avoided, Sun Exchange is empowering individuals and businesses globally to participate in clean energy initiatives.

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The successful collaboration between CVE South Africa and Sun Exchange embodies the vision of a sustainable world, where accessible clean energy plays a pivotal role in securing a brighter future for generations to come.

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