UAE And Türkiye Sign Agreements For Sustainability


The UAE and Türkiye, driven by their commitment to combat climate change and promote environmental sustainability, have joined forces in various collaborations.


They recently signed multiple agreements and MoUs, focusing on climate and environmental-related areas. These efforts align with the UAE’s vision of international cooperation and addressing challenges for a sustainable future.

Emirati companies are investing significantly in environment-friendly projects, exemplified by International Holding Company’s acquisition of a stake in Turkish renewable energy company Kalyon Enerji.


The UAE’s hosting of COP28 further emphasizes its leading role in tackling climate issues. Türkiye is a crucial partner in supporting the UAE’s sustainability vision, with shared goals of driving global climate action.

Türkiye has set ambitious targets for various sectors to combat climate change, undertaking projects like carbon-free airports and green railway stations. Initiatives such as the “Zero Waste Project” reflect their commitment to environmental protection. Together, the UAE and Türkiye are dedicated to creating a greener future for their nations and the world.

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