Oman’s Green Hydrogen Industry Gears Up With $30 Billion Commitments

Representational image. Credit: Canva

Oman is making significant strides in its green hydrogen industry, securing firm commitments of $30 billion for various projects. Hydrogen Oman (Hydrom), an independent entity and a subsidiary of Energy Development Oman (EDO), is taking charge of the massive common-use infrastructure required to support these multibillion-dollar ventures.


Working with developers, and local, and international utility service providers, Hydrom will ensure the provision of essential utility corridors necessary for the efficient and cost-competitive operation of the mega projects.

The common utilities will encompass pipelines for ultrapure desalinated water transportation, electrical networks, specialized storage capacity for hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol, and more.


The planning for this common-use infrastructure is underway, with an estimated timeline of 6-7 years until 2030, when most green hydrogen projects are expected to be commercially operational.

Hydrom is collaborating closely with national champions, including OQ Gas Network, Nama Group for electricity and water, and other Oman Investment Authority utility service companies, to fast-track the development of the infrastructure needed for current and upcoming projects. The goal is to achieve speed and cost efficiency while maximizing in-country value and attracting foreign direct investment.

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Additionally, the national champions will establish connectivity between the hydrogen clusters in Oman’s hinterlands and the industrial hubs and export terminals along the coast.

Hydrom is also working with the country’s main ports at Salalah, Duqm, and Suhar to ensure alignment with Oman’s overall green hydrogen economy strategy. The ambitious efforts and strategic collaborations are positioning Oman as a key player in the global green hydrogen market.

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