AEROCOMPACT Dominates the Solar Market with Unparalleled Performance


AEROCOMPACT, a renowned expert in PV mounting systems, has unveiled its latest groundbreaking innovation, the COMPACTPITCH XM-F REPTILE. This versatile solution for pitched roofs offers unparalleled performance and compatibility with various roof tiles. Under the visionary leadership of Albert Vonbun, AEROCOMPACT has taken the lead in redefining tile solutions and advancing state-of-the-art substructures.


The Highest Load-Bearing Capacity:

AEROCOMPACT’s cutting-edge invention introduces the industry’s highest load-bearing capacity by replacing expensive and inflexible sealing components with an integrated solution. The cover plate can be effortlessly positioned independently of the fastener unit, enabling seamless installation above the rafter and direct force transfer into the roof structure.


The patent-pending labyrinth-style seal ensures a durable and effortless seal at the desired breakthrough point during installation. Combined with the robust X60 rail, this innovation drastically reduces the need for roof hooks, resulting in significant time, material, and cost savings. Moreover, the optimized force transmission capability allows the system to thrive even under high snow loads, making it an ideal choice for challenging climates.

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Maximum Design Freedom:

AEROCOMPACT’s comprehensive system, available for purchase from the end of July, includes fasteners and colored cover plates in various shades – red, brown, or anthracite. This revolutionary approach eliminates the labor-intensive process of cutting roof tiles with an angle grinder to fit the PV mounting system, mitigating the risk of damaging tiles. Furthermore, the system’s independence from tile positioning ensures optimal force transfer into the roof structure.

The solution introduces new industry standards for sealing and flexibility. The cover plate seamlessly replaces a roof tile and can be conveniently adapted to fit surrounding tiles without requiring any machining. Thanks to pre-mounted assemblies, installation becomes a quick and user-friendly process, requiring just one tool. AEROCOMPACT’s aim is to revolutionize PV mounting, enhancing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and adaptability for various roof tile types prevalent in the European market.

Swift Assembly Process:

The installation process for AEROCOMPACT’s system is highly efficient and straightforward. Starting with the secure screwing of the base plate onto the rafter, the carriage is then fixed in the appropriate position. The cover plate is easily adjusted along the roof tile contour, and a gentle thumb pressure marks the ideal spot for fixing the roof hook. The pre-assembled hook is then securely fastened using two thin sheet metal screws. Offering flexibility for different configurations, the carriage can be attached at three different heights, depending on the roof batten height. Fine adjustments of the latched X-rail are easily achieved with the preassembled quick connector.

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Optimized Force Transmission:

The advanced system excels in directly transmitting resulting forces into the roof structure. With its impressive load capacity, the system allows for spans of up to 1.4 meters between roof hooks, substantially reducing the number of hooks required compared to traditional systems. This exceptional stability enables the system to withstand high snow loads effectively, making it a reliable choice for regions with challenging weather conditions.

AEROCOMPACT’s COMPACTPITCH XM-F REPTILE is a game-changing innovation, setting new standards in the solar market. With its unrivaled performance, compatibility, and efficiency, this system is poised to dominate the industry, reinforcing AEROCOMPACT’s position as a frontrunner in PV mounting solutions.

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