TNB and PETRONAS Collaborate to Propel Hydrogen Economy Through Joint Feasibility Studies for Hydrogen Business Advancement

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Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) and PETRONAS have achieved a notable achievement by formally entering into a Joint Feasibility Study Agreement (JFSA). This agreement signifies a pivotal step towards enhancing studies aimed at developing the hydrogen business in Malaysia. It solidifies their dedication to the progress of the hydrogen economy in the region.


Expanding upon the previously established Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), this agreement emphasizes the resolute dedication of these prominent industry players to jointly cultivate a robust synergy in the pursuit of exploring and cultivating business opportunities within the burgeoning realm of green hydrogen. This collaborative endeavor exemplifies the mutual outlook of these companies in expediting the implementation of eco-friendly technologies, including hydrogen and carbon capture, with the aim of reducing carbon emissions within the energy sector.

This accord stands as evidence of our steadfast commitment to bringing together stakeholders from the industry and creating a potent collaborative force. Collectively, we are resolute in our mission to delve into and cultivate business opportunities within the auspicious realm of green hydrogen,” highlighted Dato’ Indera Ir. Baharin Din, President and CEO of TNB, as he underscored his vision for the revolutionary alliance between TNB and PETRONAS.

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During the signing event, Datuk Ir. Megat Jalaluddin Megat Hassan, TNB’s Chief Strategy and Venture Officer, underscored the significance of collaboration and its pivotal role in attaining sustainable methodologies. “Beyond bolstering our country’s economic progress and prosperity, this partnership will also yield a wealth of employment prospects. Through our joint efforts, we have the potential to unlock inventive resolutions, propel sustainable approaches, and establish a favorable setting for vibrant business growth,” he affirmed.

Drawing upon a collective experience exceeding 120 years in engineering and technology, PETRONAS and TNB are poised to establish a technology and infrastructure ecosystem dedicated to clean energy. Our collaborative vision is to drive the nation’s sustainability objectives and facilitate a just energy transition for the generations to come,” emphasized Datuk Bacho Pilong, Senior Vice President of Project Delivery and Technology at PETRONAS.

The strategic partnership between TNB and PETRONAS takes on significant importance in tackling the imperative task of decarbonizing the energy sector, where both entities hold influential positions. Acknowledging the inherent potential of hydrogen as a versatile and environmentally friendly energy source, their objective is to harness this resource’s capabilities for curbing carbon emissions across sectors such as transportation, manufacturing, and power production. Aligned with its resolute commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050, TNB is actively exploring the incorporation of hydrogen and ammonia as co-firing solutions within its generation portfolio. This collaboration also paves the way for TNB to explore hydrogen applications in the realms of mobility and manufacturing.

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Moreover, this accord signifies a pivotal achievement in the progression toward a more ecologically sound and enduring future. By means of this comprehensive study, the combined efforts of TNB, PETRONAS, and Gentari – the clean energy enterprise established by PETRONAS – will yield priceless understandings regarding the intricacies and prospects associated with the implementation of green hydrogen. This initiative will facilitate the exploration of inventive resolutions, the recognition of plausible recipients for green hydrogen, and the establishment of a cooperative framework uniting TNB and PETRONAS.

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