Jordan Launches Tender For Installing Solar Energy Systems

Representational image. Credit: Canva

In an endeavor to foster the use of renewable energy and provide assistance to military veterans, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of Jordan announced the commencement of three procurement processes for the supply, installation, operation, and upkeep of solar energy systems that will be connected to the national power grid. These systems will be equipped with all necessary auxiliary components, including inverters, to provide energy to residences owned by military veterans.


The solar energy initiatives are designed to empower military veterans by outfitting their homes with sustainable and economical energy solutions. The conditions for the tender necessitate a maximum capacity of 3 kilowatts DC and 2.7 kilowatts AC for the solar energy systems to be set up in the northern regions of the nation.

Hisham Al-Moumani, the Director of Electricity and Rural Electrification at the ministry delineated the distribution of the procurement processes. The initial procurement process targets 523 residences of military veterans located in Irbid, operating under the jurisdiction of Irbid District Electricity.

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The second procurement process encompasses 502 houses in Amman, Balqa, Zarqa, and Madaba, operating under the jurisdiction of the Jordanian Electricity Company. Meanwhile, the third procurement process addresses 353 residences in Mafraq, Jerash, and Ajloun, under the jurisdiction of Irbid Electricity Company.

For interested bidders, the invitations to participate in the procurement processes will be accessible electronically on the ministry’s official website.

The ministry has stipulated the bid submission deadline as 12 pm on Monday, August 28, with the bid opening slated for 1 pm on the same day. Participants in the bidding process are obligated to provide a bank guarantee or a certified check issued by a local bank, which should remain valid for a duration of 120 days starting from the deadline for submission.

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