Quest Vitamins Collaborates with Modest Firm for Innovative Dubai Project: Combining Waterproofing and Solar Energy


In a pioneering endeavor, Quest Vitamins Middle East FZE, a prominent supplier of nutritional supplements and pharmaceuticals, has joined forces with Modest Company LLC, a distinguished expert in roof waterproofing and solar energy solutions. Their visionary collaboration is set to transform Quest Vitamins’ manufacturing practices through the implementation of an innovative Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System. By incorporating a rooftop PV System, Quest Vitamins will harness solar energy, curbing its environmental impact and transitioning its manufacturing facility into a sustainable and eco-conscious operation.


In a collaborative agreement finalized in December 2022, Modest Company assumed a pivotal role encompassing the design, provisioning, installation, activation, and ongoing maintenance of the PV system. This inclusive partnership facilitated a seamless transition to solar power, adhering rigorously to industry standards and regulatory guidelines set forth by relevant authorities.

Preceding the PV system’s implementation, Modest Company diligently employed a specialized metal roof waterproofing system, employing top-notch sealants sourced from TOPPS Products USA. This comprehensive waterproofing strategy stands as a steadfast assurance for an enduringly resilient roof, safeguarding the longevity of the PV system’s infrastructure while ensuring an impervious roofscape.

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Furthermore, an intricate assemblage of solar panels has been meticulously affixed to aluminum structures atop Quest Vitamins’ warehouse roofs and office building roof. Utmost attention was dedicated to impeccable waterproofing at each penetration point, thereby solidifying the integrity of the installations. Employing the entirety of available roof space, this strategic placement guarantees the optimization of energy generation.

Incorporated within DEWA’s Shams Dubai net metering initiative as a connected grid system, the installation empowers Quest Vitamins Middle East to channel surplus solar-generated electricity back into the grid. This innovative approach significantly diminishes the company’s reliance on DEWA for electricity and underscores a commitment to sustainable practices through renewable energy adoption.

At its core, the system derives its potency from a constellation of 491 cutting-edge monocrystalline solar panels sourced from Jinko Solar, alongside two premier inverters crafted by the esteemed German manufacturer SMA. This collaboration yields a clean and renewable energy stream, effectively fueling Quest Vitamins Middle East’s manufacturing operations.

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The cumulative annual output of 450MWh accomplished by this setup stands poised to mitigate more than 375 tons of CO2 emissions each year, thus making substantial strides towards a greener and more environmentally conscious operational footprint.

“We are thrilled to partner with Modest Company for this groundbreaking project for us," said DrAhmed Hassam, Chairman of Quest Vitamins Middle East.” We believe it is our duty to invest insustainable practices that not only benefit our business but also contribute to a greener future.The collaboration with Modest Company aligns perfectly with our vision, and we are confident that this project will add value to the UAE’s vision of promoting sustainability in the country, as demonstrated by the UAE hosting COP28 later this year.”

Mr. Mohamed Hassam, Group Managing Director at Quest Vitamins Middle East, added “As a responsible member of the health industry, this initiative complements our aims to ensure long-term health benefits to all citizens of the world, by protecting our environment and minimizingour carbon footprint. We will continue to explore all opportunities available to further this objective.”

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Mr. Askary Khimjee, Director at Modest Company LLC, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to partner with Quest Vitamins Middle East on this project. By combining our expertise in roof waterproofing and Solar PV systems, we are confident that Quest Vitamins Middle East will achieve outstanding results in terms of energy efficiency and environmental impact, all while ensuring a leak-free roof. We look forward to working closely with them on this journey.”

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